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About Us

Creative Interchange Platform is the support group that provides support to students in terms of employment information, exchange program between foreigners and Japanese in the mode of CIP Cafe, CIP Saloon and many other activities.

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CIP Cafe

CIP is providing platform in the form of CIP Cafe, where we do different type of Creative activities. Any person could participate and take experience. We try to give you the experience of different cuisine from Different countries.

CIP Cafe: It is every month on second Saturday, Time: - 18:00 to 20:00. (Language classroom & exchange meeting & Consultation while eating international cuisine prepared by foreign students).

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CIP Saloon

CIP Saloon is the student’s self-PR Movie meeting aimed at corporate parties, during the regularly conducted in collaboration with the Fukuoka Asia Business Center.

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“It’s a place where the foreign students can interact with former students and employers from various companies.” – Mugabi Jophous

“It’s one of the favourite event of mine.” – Devendra Singh

“For new opportunities for fun and for good food ;)” – 马明媚




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