CIP : Creative Interchange Platform is a support group for foreign students and foreigners living in ICT (information communication technology). Creative support from abroad considering the colonization of job hunting, and even Japan, centered on former students and former students are working.

Impression of CIP

CIP became central employment support organization in Japan for foreign students to learn in Fukuoka overseas students and former students, The CIP has been established in the 10/2014 (NPO will fall around 2015). CIP come up with the slogan "Creative Interchange Platform" according to students activities. Specifically former international students residing in Fukuoka and say point-conscious global citizen active-duty students themselves takes the idea of job hunting and employment assistance for foreign students by the discrimination and existing ones, and have plenty of SNS as a main tool of activity points, but different from that of the various groups of students career so far. CIP is now, in the eyes of foreign creative based on exchanges between students, businesses, and citizens to expand that ultimately leads to student job hunting activities are working.

Primary Business of CIPbout

  • Employment support for international students who take advantage of the SNS (Students have created their own "self-PR video", and that can be viewed on the CIP Website), the establishment of a high-foreign human resources Bank features.
  • Promoting continuous exchanges and by networking with former students Association (an organization founded by former international students in Fukuoka returned to learn native) and abroad. (Shanghai and Viet Nam, Cambodia, Brazil, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, etc.)
  • Such as the Fukuoka International Student Association (FOSA) and each of the University Students Association (Kyushu University International Student Association (KUFSA)), due to network building with other countries International Students Association, the establishment of information hub purpose for international students.
  • The exchange meeting with students (former students), companies and citizens, held as SNS-related events that foreign students to participate, only over the internet cannot be accomplished, the support trust step up of each and every students.
  • Implementation of comprehensive counseling concerning job hunting.

Major activities of CIP

That situation is not even trying from the number of the working employment for international students in Fukuoka and efforts to support students by various organizations, such as universities, businesses and Government have been made, but never privileged. Unquestionable spillage to other areas due to lack of information on foreign companies and saucer out highly skilled professionals and students point of view. On the other hand, judgements of the company are struggling to make sure to find the talented foreigners. In other words, it has become a gap on the recruitment of student’s mismatch of needs of students and employers. In this situation, the CIP came up with new Ideas as above mentioned activities like students self PR videos available on SNS, seeing that aims at establishing a high extent foreign material bank functions, Always working on the improvement upon the matching adequate students with the different associations and companies (including student assistance authority). Our major part is that we provide options to students that could be post their videos and approaching creation of proposal companies and student aid agency officials can view. Current major leverage contents are described below.

  • CIP Cafe: Every 2nd Saturday on the Month (Language classroom & exchange meeting & Consultation while eating international cuisine prepared by foreign students).
  • Hakata girls ' high school total business Department tasks class has been authorized (Korea culture)
  • We are participating special events of countries International Students Association
  • Participated in Hakata Dontaku harbor Festival Parade
  • Participated in Global Arena relay marathon tournament (co-sponsored with the meeting FFOSA Fukuoka former exchange students)
  • CIP reporter cast video contest (CIP has been selected students reporter videos)
  • Employment for international students in Fukuoka Prefecture and exchange information collection & delivery (bilingual)

CIP Founder


Ryu Kiheon

Mr. Ryu Kiheon is from Korea. Ph.D Foundation Fukuoka Asian Urban Research Institute. He was the Chairman of Kyushu University foreign student Association (KUFSA) in the year 2011.


Dharmendra Kumar

Dharmendra Kumar is belongs to India. Advisor of Fukuoka overseas students Association (FOSA) and also completed his FOSA Presidential term for the fiscal year 2013 & 2014.

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